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1. Organic and mineral fertilizers based on HUMATE POTASSIUM
POP UP PlANTS HUMATE POTASSIUM is effectively used together with biological products and mineral fertilizers / urea, nitrate /.

POP UP PlANTS HUMATE POTASSIUM is a highly effective humic fertilizer in the form of a concentrated suspension with microelements in chelated form, which has the properties of a stimulant and plant growth regulator and is an antidepressant for almost all crops.

Fertilizer POP UP PlANTS HUMATE POTASSIUM / hereinafter FERTILIZER / is used for industrial cultivation of crops, fruits and vegetables, as well as stubble destruction for the purpose of:

  •  increase in productivity (almost 15-25% depending on the crop and agricultural technology);
  • improving the consumer quality of the grown products (increase in gluten content in wheat grain by an average of 2-3%, sugar content of sugar beets by 1.5-2.4%, vitamin C in vegetables, fructose in grapes and fruit crops - up to 3- 7%);
  • improving the quality of seed treatment together with dressing agents (increased field germination and seed germination and increased inhibition of pathogens);
  • strengthening plant immunity;
  • increase frost and dry resistance of the plant by enhancing the development of the root system and the accumulation of sugars in tillering nodes;
  • elieving stress from the plant during pesticide treatment and stimulating photosynthesis;
  • increase the efficiency of other mineral fertilizers (increases the utilization of nitrogen and phosphorus by plants), which makes it possible to reduce the rate of their application by 20-30%;
  • for biodegradation of stubble together with nitrate / urea.

FERTILIZER  is effectively used for complex treatments of agricultural crops, from seed dressing and sowing material to further processing of the plant by irrigation during the growing season.

FERTILIZER  is completely soluble even in cold water, so it can be used in drip irrigation systems both in open and in closed ground, using various models of modern sprayers.

FERTILIZER  is recommended to be mixed with herbicides and fungicides to relieve stress from the plant and reduce the toxic effects of these drugs on the plant.

FERTILIZER  is combined with biological products, since it acts as a mother liquor for nutrient strains of microorganisms, bacteria, and also synergistically enhance their effect.

The main physical and chemical indicators of fertilizer POP UP PlANTS HUMATE POTASSIUM according to TU U 20.1-13641158-001: 2017 are shown in table 1.

Table 1.

Name of indicatorNorm
Mass fraction of dry matter,%, not less than40,0

PH value of 0.5% aqueous solution, within

exclusively for OMF  POP UP PlANTS HUMATE POTASSIUM (berries)


4,0- 4,4

Mass fraction of Humate Potassium, g / l, not less than, including:

-        salts of humic acids

-        salts of fulvic acids




Solubility,%, not less than98,0

       The content of macro- and microelements in the form of chelates in the fertilizer line POP UP PlANTS HUMATE POTASSIUM is shown in table 2.

Table 2.

Fertilizer POP UP PlANTS HUMATE POTASSIUM Chelated macro- and microelements, metalloids, g / l, not less

Humate Potassium




Humate Potassium

(Technical, cereal)

Potassium humate (oilseeds, legumes, vegetables) 23,010,05,010,020,00,014,00,0010,0010,5
Humate Potassium (Phytopremixes)23,010,05,010,00,050,010,0030,0010,0050,05

POP UP PlANTS HUMATE POTASSIUM (phytopremixes) additionally contains phytohormones, auxins and amino acids (at least 50 g / l), which contributes to a synergistic enhancement of the general effect of fertilizer on the crop and the harvested crop.

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