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Organic and mineral fertilizers based on sodium humate
FERTILIZER “POP UP PlANTS HUMATE SODIUM” is a highly effective sodium variety of humic fertilizer with microelements in chelated form, which has the properties of a stimulator and plant growth regulator.

FERTILIZER “POP UP PlANTS HUMATE SODIUM (universal)” is used mainly for vegetable crops and berries, the positive effect of fertilizer on cereals and industrial crops.

The use of sodium humate accelerates the assimilation of nitrogen by plants, which makes it possible to reduce the rate of carbamide and nitrate by 20-30%.

The main physical and chemical indicators of fertilizer POP UP PlANTS HUMATE SODIUM / TU U 20.1- 13641158-001 2017 / are shown in table 3.

Table 3.

Name of indicator Norm
Mass fraction of dry matter,%, not less than 40,0
PH value of 0.5% aqueous solution, in the range of6,0-8,0
Mass fraction of sodium humate, g / l, not less than430
Solubility,%, not less than98,0

The content of macro- and micronutrients in the form of chelates in the OMF line “POP UP PlANTS HUMATE SODIUM” is shown in Table 4.

Table 4.

Fertilizer POP UP PLANTS  macro-, microelements, chelate, g / l, not less

Humate sodium  (Universal)




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