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Microfertilizer "POP UP PLANTS CHELATE-IRON" refers to monochelate microfertilizers, contains the trace element iron (Fe) in chelated form and is a suspension concentrate.
Fertilizer is used to feed crops dependent on iron deficiency / corn, soybeans, legumes, sorghum, fruit, vegetables and others /.

Fertilizer Action:

  1. Improves the process of photosynthesis and respiration of the plant;
  2. Eliminates iron deficiency and increases the amount of chlorophyll in the leaves.
  3. Restores the green color of leaves.
  4. Saturates the fruits of the plant with iron.

Application: foliar application of crops.

The effect of micro and macro elements on a plant:

Iron (Fe):

  • Participates in oxidative and energy metabolism, in the formation of chlorophyll.
  • It is a functional component and part of the enzymatic systems of a plant.
  • Enhances plant resistance to disease of young leaves on chlorosis.


The main physical and chemical parameters of the microfertilizer " POP UP PLANTS  CHELATE-IRON " are given in the table.

No. p.pIndicator Name

Norm on

TU U 20.1-13641158-001: 2017

1.appearanceDark green liquid
2.PH within8,0 9,0
3.Density at 20 + 0.5 ° С, kg / m³, not less1250

The content of trace elements in chelate form, g / l, not less than:

Iron (Fe)

Nitrogen  (N)




Safety measures: the fertilizer is non-toxic and safe, environmentally friendly. In case of contact with skin or eyes, rinse with warm water.

Warranty period of storage - 3 years.

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