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The active substance OMF “POP UP PlANTS HUMATE POTASSIUM (stern destructor)”: potassium humate (50% concentrate), a complex of living cells of spore and non-spore bacteria Paenibacillus, Pseudomonas, Azotobacter, Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus licheniformis and Trichoderma fungal strains that can actively destroy others and fungal strains Trichoderma organic substrates of plant origin.

The content of viable cells in 1 g of production, CFU / ml, not less than 3.0 x 109.

The order of application of the drug per 10 ha of corn stubble field:

  • In a volume of 2000 l of water, dissolve 250-300 kg of urea or ammonium nitrate.

  • In the resulting solution of nitrogen fertilizer, add 25-30 l of the organo-mineral fertilizer OMF “POP UP PlANTS HUMATE POTASSIUM (stern destructor)”.

  • Mix / tank solution / mix until the ingredients of the composition are completely dissolved.

  • Field treatment should be carried out with Tank solution based on the emission rate of 200 l / ha for 4 – 6 h  from the moment of preparation of the mixture.

  • The drug is used in moderate weather (air temperature - from +7 to +25 ° C, air humidity over 75%).

  • After making the tank solution on the soil surface, disking the soil for 3-8 hours.

The stubble should be crushed (30-100 mm) and evenly scattered across the field.

For the best result of stubble destruction in the soil, the preparation is applied to freshly cut residues immediately after harvest before cultivation.

Disking the treated soil surface is mandatory to ensure a deep degree of stubble destruction under anaerobic conditions.

FERTILIZER is recommended to be mixed with herbicides and fungicides to relieve stress from the plant and reduce the toxic effects of these drugs on the plant.

FERTILIZER is combined with biological products, since it acts as a mother liquor for nutrient strains of microorganisms, bacteria, and also synergistically enhance their effect.

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