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What is the fertilizer "POP UP PLANTS"
This is a highly effective line of organomineral and micronutrient fertilizers with macro- and microelements in chelate form, which are stimulants / regulators / growth and antidepressants for all types of agricultural plants, increase immunity and frost / drought resistance of the plant.


Increases yield up to 30%
Increases plant resistance to temperature changes, frost and drought
Raises the quality of the crop, increases the content of protein, sugar content, fiber up to 30%
Increases insect resistance and pesticide stress
Increases the growth and development of green mass of plants
Effectively used for complex treatments of crops, starting from seed dressing and sowing material and further processing of the plant by watering during the growing season.
Fully soluble even in cold water, so it can be used in drip irrigation systems both in open and in closed ground, using all models of sprayers.
Recommended to be mixed with herbicides and fungicides to relieve stress from the plant and reduce the toxic effects of these drugs on the plant.

Compatible with biological products, and also synergistically enhances their effect.
Fertilizer “POP UP PLANTZ HUMATE Potassium ” / hereinafter FERTILIZER / is used for all types of agricultural crops, fruits and vegetables, as well as for stubble for the purpose of:
  •  Increase in yield (almost 15-25% depending on the crop and agricultural technology)
  • Improving the consumer quality of the grown products (increase in gluten content in wheat grain by an average of 2-3%, sugar content of sugar beets - by 1.5-2.4%, vitamin C - in vegetables, fructose - in grapes and fruit crops - up to 3 -7%);
  • Improving the quality of seed treatment together with dressing agents (increased field germination and seed germination and increased inhibition of pathogens);
  • Strengthening plant immunity - increasing plant frost and dry resistance by enhancing the development of the root system and the accumulation of sugars in tillering nodes, relieving stress from plants during pesticide treatment and stimulating photosynthesis;
  •  Increasing the efficiency of using other mineral fertilizers (the coefficient of utilization of nitrogen and phosphorus by plants increases), which makes it possible to reduce the rate of their application by 20 -30%;
  • For destruction of stubble together with nitrate / urea.


The introduction of trace elements through the stomata and leaf tissue
Increased oxygen availability to the respiratory system through plant membranes during intensive vegetation
Increase in fruit filling during inflorescence swelling (stage “pink buds”) before flowering, pollination and ovary growth
Intensification of carbon dioxide absorption from leaves
Preservation of nutrients and moisture from the soil around the root system of the plant
Catalyzing the destruction and conversion of rotting leaf residues into organic nitrogen fertilizer
Supply of chelated minerals to the roots of the plant in bioavailable form
Promoting the supply of nutrients in bioavailable form to the soil solution from the soil
Free carbon intake to enhance soil biology
Catalytic removal of CO2 from the soil due to the action of humic acids and saturation of the plant with carbon dioxide through absorption through the roots
Increasing soil aeration and ensuring the active activity of worms
Dissociation of insoluble salts in the soil
Increase your yields with POP UP PLANTS fertilizer!

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